Sunday, April 12, 2015

Takko Lacquer Absinthe

Absinthe by Takko Lacquer is a unique bright yellow-green polish with fine gold sparkle. It's quite cool except for the fact that it stains a little. My nails just had an overall yellow tinge to them after I removed the polish. It went away in a few days.

I really love neon or bright green polishes. I think they're really fun. And definitely summery! The gold sparkle is not a pairing I would have really thought of, I love that!

You can buy Takko Lacquer here but looks like thispolish is sold out right now. Keep an eye out for it around the nets.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bear Pawlish Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet by Bear Pawlish is an insanely holographic, super bright blue-toned purple. Probably one of my favourite polishes at the moment. I can't quite get enough. 

The holo is still strong even when you aren't in direct sunlight. Nothing worse than a holographic polish that looks grey when not in the light. I'll definitely be pulling this one out in the summer, though. How can I resist?

I have applied two coats plus top coat. Beautiful formula and finish. Easy to apply and no problems with staining (I do have a layer of Essie's base coat on), even with this rich colour.

You can buy Bear Pawlish here (but right now it looks like the site is down).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Springtime Nails featuring Zoya and Cult Nails

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend, or regular weekend if you weren't celebrating anything!

Don't these Spring-y nail colours just make you smile! All of the polishes have shimmer and/or sparkle, which adds to the whimsy of these nails. 

Starting with my pinky nail and working my way the polishes I used are as follows: Zoya - Daisy, Cult Nails -  Thrive, Zoya - Rayne, and Zoya - Leslie. I don't have any photos where my thumb nail is visible but I'm wearing Zoya Dot with That Boy is a P-I-G Pig by Crows Toes over top. 

The Zoya colours are all new releases from The Delight Collection for Spring 2015 so, keep an eye out for those beauts and get 'em while you can!

Love these colours and what they signify - SPRING! They all applied very well and have great staying power with Duri Top Coat. 

Some Spring-y tunes for ya ;)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Elevation Polish - Pic de Subenuix

These pictures were snapped the night before our grandmother had a stroke. Needless to say, it's kinda weird looking at them. But this polish is so pretty it makes it easier?

I love turquoise and purple and it's so cool to have them together in one polish! Polish magic in a bottle! Sometimes the shift in a duochrome is too slight for my liking but the shift is nice and strong in Pic de Subenuix.

So beautiful!!

You can buy Elevation Polish here and looks like it's still in stock! Yay!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - Untrodden SnowI

Hellooooooooo! Remember us?! It's been a while, we know! Life has been busy but that's no excuse because it always busy, amirite?

Today the weather actually seems quite Spring-like but I know there are many people still stuck in the snow so, this polish isn't totally inappropriate. Plus, I'm not even sure we're out of the woods just yet!

I absolutely love white polish, especially on short nails. It looks chic and fresh. The blue shimmer in this polish makes it a stand out in the white nail polish category. I found this polish was a little thick to apply but adding a drop or two of nail polish thinner fixes things up. Untrodden Snow was going strong after a week (topped with top-coat of course!) so, I was impressed. Love it!

You can buy Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer here but, unfortunately, Untrodden Snow is not available right now but maybe that's a good thing? Spring and Summer collections await!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lynnderella Funderland + B.A. Whizard, II over Sally Hansen Pool Party

Isn't it great when you squash a polish lemming? For me, both of these polishes were major lemmings for a long time. I knocked them both off my wish list last month. Then I decided to wear them together for a perfectly wintry yet bright look!


Lynnderella Funderland is the multi-glitter worn on my index and middle fingers. It has a frosty/shimmery base that accents the pastel and neon glitters really nicely. There are circles, stars, hexes and snowflakes in this mix. I wore Funderland over three coats of Sally Hansen Pool Party which is a sheer frosty greeny-blue. While it was sheer, it built up nicely and paired really well with the Lynnderella glitter. As for Funderland itself, like all Lynns, it applied really well in one dabbed-on coat. I had to do a little bit of glitter placement but not too much. Funderland is an Limited Edition polish which is no longer available as it was part of 2013's Advent collection.

The Lynnderella on my ring and pinky fingers is B.A. Whizard, II which was a Special Edition numbered polish. It is no longer available and I scored it second-hand in a Facebook group. Yipee! I wore 1 coat of Whizard over 3 coats of Sally Hansen Pool Party. This micro-glitter is tops! It spread perfectly. Super even, super smooth application. It's just so sparkly and pretty! I finished this mani off with 1 coat of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze on all my nails. It's my new go-to glitter top coat. No more doubling up on Seche or Gelous. This baby smooths glitters like no other top coat I've ever used.

You can purchase Lynnderella polishes at their eBay store. I found Sally Hansen at CVS for $0.79! And Glitter Glaze is available directly from Girly Bits (seriously, buy it!).

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bear Pawlish Peek-A-Boo

It might be the middle of winter but my nails say otherwise. I've professed my love for hot pink polish before - it's no secret. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that I absolutely love, love, love this incredibly polish from Bear Pawlish. Introducing... Peek-A-Boo!

Peek-A-Boo is a hot pink, perhaps the hottest pink I've ever worn. It's practically neon pink. The finish is holographic but it dries to an amazing shine. I used 2 coats for these pictures and 1 coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. This polishes pleases me to no end; not only is it gorgeous, it also had almost no tip wear after 5 days! This, my friends, is a miracle. I have yet to try other Bear Pawlish holos so I can't say if this is the case for all polishes by this brand or just the case for this polish of my dreams. Either way, I am tickled pick by this polish. It also looks to be a core polish so you should be able to get your paws on it quite easily.