Thursday, February 11, 2016

Demeter Foolproof Fragrance Blending - #CBBFOOLPROOFBLEND

In my day-to-day life I enjoy smelling like the foods I eat. Or maybe I should say the desserts I eat. I love to eat macaroni and cheese but don't know that I'd want to smell like it, TBH. Anyway, I'm excited to share some delectable scents that smell very much like some of my favorite desserts or gourmand scents as the scent-connoisseurs like to say. 

Demeter Fragrance Library has launched a new scent system, if you will:
the Demeter Foolproof Blending Library.

How is it foolproof, you ask? Well, it's foolproof because Demeter offers a Duo or Trio of scents which will absolutely totally always smell great when combined. No matter what proportion or combination. See... foolproof!

Foolproof Blending Duo
Two fragrances that can be combined or blended together in any combination or proportion. Simple, subtle blends for everyday. 
The Duo we chose included Jasmine and Lavender.

Foolproof Blending Trio
Three fragrances from a single fragrance category that can be combined or blended together in any combination or proportion. These blends are more complex than the Duos, but still linear and appropriate any day, any time.
The Trio we chose included Hawaiian Vanilla, Gingerbread and Angel Food.
AKA gourmand scent paradise.

In our experience working with these Foolproof Blending Sets, it's much easier and less messy to just spray the scents in whichever combination you desire directly onto the skin, i.e. two spritzes of Hawaiian Vanilla and one spritz of Gingerbread for a warm and sweet but spicy scent all day long. Although you can create a custom scent with the empty bottle provided, the droppers were very flimsy and several broke while trying to transfer the scents to their new bottle. Moreover, once you mix the scents in the new bottle, there's less opportunity to mix it up on a regular basis. But, again, that's just our personal experience. We don't like to commit to any scent for too long so we prefer spritzing as we go. However, it's great to have the option to mix your own bottle if you find your perfect holy grail combo that you want to wear forever and ever.

Provided for review by Demeter Fragrance Library due to our membership in Canadian Beauty Bloggers in exchange for our honest opinion.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fiendish Fancies - Tainted Love Collection

Okay, so, Fiendish Fancies has released not one but TWO Valentine's Day Collections. The other day we share the Love Bites Collection (which I might consider more of an anti-Valentine's Day collection). Now, today we have the Tainted Love Collection which is sweet and bright and inspired by the depths of obsession. How romantic! 

I am wearing three thin coats in all my pictures (except where noted) plus top coat, except for the matte shades which are without top coat. I love all of these but I would have to say that Here I Was Born is my favorite because it's such a unique shade of lilac! But, Silencio is a close second because it really is like a pink tulip petal plus the matte finish is perfect. 

Here I Was Born - Pearlescent Lilac inspired by preoccupation with the past, and passionate enchantment. 

He Really Did Love Me - Dusky Wisteria Mauve Shimmer inspired by the high fashion and compulsive obsession. 

I Like Weird - Matte Orchid Wine inspired by preoccupation with pretty parts.

Silencio - Matte Tulip Pink inspired by infatuation with mysterious starlets.

I Won’t Let Anyone Come Between Us Anymore - Frosted Carnation Red inspired by the relentless pursuit of repressed love.

Number One Fan - Bright Forget-me-not Blue with a subtle pearl sheen. Inspired by the misery of rainy-day blues and obsessed fans. Opaque 2 coats. 
(Note from Maker: Number One Fan can cause staining. Recommend use of a base coat to minimize nail staining. Apply petroleum jelly to cuticles prior to removal to prevent skin staining, or use a commercial preparation / cuticle remover to remove any remaining color)

These polishes are now available in the Fiendish Fancies shop as individual bottles or a set
UNTIL FEBRUARY 14, 2016: Get a free bottle of our Hot Rod red crème (She’s Real Sensitive) with the purchase of the Tainted Love collection. (5 ml or 15 ml, based on your purchase.) 

You can follow Fiendish Fancies on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more swatches. 
*Products were provided for our honest review.*

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lynnderella Waking Beauty + Contrary Polish Magical Manatee

I don't know if I need to say anything. I think I will just let the pictures do the talking. 

How insanely beautiful is this combination? 
(3 coats Contrary Polish Magical Manatee + 1 coat Lynnderella Waking Beauty + QDTC)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Fiendish Fancies - Love Bites Collection

The Love Bites Collection is inspired by Immortal Love. How romantic! These polishes might fall under the Anti-Valentine's Day aesthetic but they are all so gorgeous, it's hard to choose my favorite.
I am wearing 3 coats in all photographs plus top coat. These polish are so smooth with a fast-drying formula. I am, yet again, amazed by how wonderful Fiendish Fancies polishes are in terms of beauty and performance. If you haven't tried any, the time is now! I think this might be my favorite collection to date!

(I also apologize in advance for my cut up fingers - I keep forgetting to wear gloves outside)

This is Your Wilderness - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense gold and amber rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the reflection of golden light on alabaster skin.

Love Holds You To Me - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense green and teal rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the anguish and envy of a child who’ll never grow up.

It’ll Be You And Me - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense pink and berry rainbow sparkle and blue flash. Inspired by the love for a girl who’s not a girl.

Love Confounded Her - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense red rainbow sparkle. Inspired by a mother’s immortal love.

Forever and Ever - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense blue and teal rainbow sparkle. Inspired by the fleeting companionship of an immortal temptress.

The Night, It's Deafening. - Black Jelly Galaxy with dense purple rainbow sparkle with pink and blue flash. Inspired by indigo twilights and the power of love defying familial bonds.

These polishes are now available in the Fiendish Fancies shop as individual bottles or a set
UNTIL FEBRUARY 14, 2016: Get a free bottle of our Hot Rod red crème (She’s Real Sensitive) with the purchase of the Tainted Love collection. (5 ml or 15 ml, based on your purchase.) 

You can follow Fiendish Fancies on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more swatches. 
*Products were provided for our honest review.*

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fiendish Fancies x Canuck Box Exclusive - Powerful, Beautiful & Without Regret

The Canuck Box is a box of specially curated Canadian indie products. It includes nail polish, nail care and nail art items and comes out once every few months. Canuck Box #3 contains this beautiful nail polish from Fiendish Fancies called Powerful, Beautiful & Without Regret, inspired by Interview With A Vampire. 

This is a shimmery stunner with many faces. It's got some scattered holo and it's definitely a multi-chrome that shifts from turquoise to dark brown depending on the angle. I could also describe it as a blackened forest green but it's so hard to describe this complex beauty! I tried my best to capture some of its many faces here in this post. 

Powerful, Beautiful & Without Regret is ONLY available in the Canuck Box #3. So, don't hesitate! Order now!

The Canuck Box is available for purchase online to Canadian and US residents! At $40 CAD, it's basically free for those of you in the US! The box is currently available for pre-order and will ship on February 23, 2016. 

You can follow Fiendish Fancies on Facebook and Instagram for updates and more swatches from other bloggers. 
*Product was provided for our honest review.*

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer - The Years Have Been Short

This Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer came out about a year ago and while I purchased some of the other polishes from the Spark in the Dark Collection (here and here), I waffled on this one for a while. And now I feel like a jerk because I absolutely ADORE this polish! 

This polish is described as a "jelly base tinted slightly white with white microglitter, silver reflective beads, blue/purple iridescent microglitters, strong blue shimmer, and a smattering of various shades of blue microglitters." I love how it looks like fallen snow on my nails. I chose to layer one coat of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer The Years Have Been Short over OPI Funny Bunny as it's rather sheer on it's own and I didn't want TOO much glitter. I also have to boast about the wear time on this: an entire work week of typing and commuting and wearing gloves and stuff. Amazing!
I would recommend a thick top coat or two layers of top coat as it's surprisingly gritty.  

You can purchase these Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer here. Follow Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Lynnderella - Birthday Fairy (Green)

A few weeks ago, I posted another Lynnderella Birthday Fairy but this is the latest iteration of the Birthday Fairy and this one is GREEN! Or maybe more of a blue-leaning green bordering on turquoise. I'm enjoying some sushi as I write this post and I'm quite happy, just thought I would share that with you all. 

As for this version of Birthday Fairy, I chose to layer it over Contrary Polish Make Believe Reality which is a minty jelly with pink shimmer. I wanted to make this Birthday Fairy look as squishy and jelly as its pink sister. So, this is 2 coats of Contrary Polish and 2 coats of the Lynnderella. This Birthday Fairy has much more bar glitter and glitter in general than its pink sister. I would also say I'm more partial to the pink version even though this has a lovely blue shimmer. I used two layers of top coat to ensure a smooth finish. I also wore this over Sally Hansen Big Peel Off Base Coat to make removal easy and, I must say, I love the SH glitter base much more than the OPI version. It's amazing. 

Lynnderella polishes can be purchased on eBay or Storenvy