Thursday, May 18, 2017

Girly Bits - Ladies and Magentlemen

Prepare yourselves, I took about 50 pictures of this gorgeous magenta sparklebomb from Girly Bits. I think there are 15 pictures in this post LOL. Nope, 11.

According to the Girly Bits website, "Ladies and Magentlemen is a glowing magenta jelly, LOADED with blue and violet glass flecks, teeny tiny holographic glitter and GORGEOUS holo flakes. It covers in two coats and dries down smooth and shiny. This is a MUST have for any pink lover."

I couldn't agree more about that last part - if you like pink... you need this.

While this was the COTM for February, it's still available from Harlow & Co. so RUN and buy this (if you are a pink lover).

This is so freaking shifty too. It looks purple at some angles and hot pink at others. It really does have a super smooth finish which is a bonus and it's easy to remove.

Almost done with the pictures, I promise ;)

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