Glitter Macros!

Lynnderella Mystery Polish

Lynnderella - This Mortal Foil
Lynnderella - Wedding Custom (Double Woman Symbol)

Lynnderella - Birthday Fairy (Pink)
Lynnderella - Try to September
Lynnderella - Poolicious

Lynnderella - Oh SnapDragon Fly!

Lynnderella - Purple Mystery

Lynnderella - Iris In Outer Space

Lynnderella - Hot Enough For Ya?

Lynnderella - Finger Food

Lynnderella - Friendly Universe

Lynnderella - Mint to Be

Lynnderella - Macaron, Ma Cherie?

Lynnderella - Pink Starfish
Lynnderella A Nosegay for Violet 
Lynnderella Le Sigh
Lynnderella Christmas Present
Lynnderella Uncondition All Love 
Lynnderella Just A Spot of Dots 
Lynnderella Magic Fairy Stars
Lynnderella Another Year Glitterier
Lynnderella Up with Paradise
Lynnderella Clown Frappe
Lynnderella Minty Love Me!
Lynnderella Whysteria
Lynnderella Kaballah Bracelet
Lynnderella It's All About Ewe
Lynnderella Magical Birthday Wishes
Lynnderella Long Strange Trip
Lynnderella Fairy Kitty
Lynnderella Bubblegum Martini
Lynnderella Baby the Mermaid
Lynnderella Thank Blue!
Lynnderella Golden Rules
Lynnderella Unicornament
Lynnderella Songs of Newborn Unicorns
Lynnderella Miss Shaperson
Lynnderella Leave It To Violet
Lynnderella Please Pass the Tofurkey
Lynnderella Candy in Fairyland
Lynnderella Love Light
Lynnderella How Many I's in Gemini
Lynnderella Moo Maid
Lynnderella Thrill Ride
Lynnderella As Above, So Holo (Extra)
Lynnderella As Above, So Holo
Lynnderella Ruby Passion
Lynnderella My Little Unicorn
Lynnderella Flamingo Friends
Lynnderella Rose Rouge
Lynnderella Bone Chic, Bone Genre
Lynnderella Holoday Heart
Lynnderella Have Your Cake and Eat It Blue
Lynnderella A Certain Someone
Lynnderella Like Love
Lynnderella Candy Fluff
Lynnderella Baby Sugar Bunny
Lynnderella Forgiving Is For You
Lynnderella Kitty's Chasing Butterflies
Lynnderella She's A Rainbow
Lynnderella Catch of the Day
Lynnderella Little Stars and Bars
Lynnderella Lonely Blue Hearts
Lynnderella The Stars in Her Eyes...
Lynnderella Third Eye Open Opal
Lynnderella Little Baby Sister
Lynnderella HeartSpring
Lynnderella Half To Love You
Lynnderella Feint of Heart
Lynnderella Heart of Stone
Lynnderella Children of the Candy Corn 3
Lynnderella All Heart 
Lynnderella Put A Poodle On It
Lynnderella Eggstra Pretty!
Lynnderella Her Name is Petal
Lynnderella Moonstone Magic

Lynnderella Bubble Juice

Lynnderella Jelly Egg

Lynnderella A Moon Is Born

Lynnderella Bunny Nosegay

Lynnderella Rare Pink Bunicorn

Lynnderella Hopster Bunny

Lynnderella Matter of the Heart
Lynnderella Funderland
Lynnderella Glambitious
Lynnderella Opal Intuition
Lynnderella Bridezilla
Lynnderella Fairy Skating Party
Lynnderella Dark Star
Lynnderella Pink Sandcastle Dream
Lynnderella Pink Moon
Lynnderella Seven Swans Swimming
Lynnderella One Hot Summer Night
Lynnderella Carnivale de Glitterati
Lynnderella Pink Crystal Veil

Lynnderella Star Baby
Lynnderella The Juice of the Ruby
Lynnderella Happy Birthstar!
Lynnderella Are You Bouquet?
Lynnderella Clear As the Light of Love
Lynnderella Fairy Blue Belle

Lynnderella Spring Thing
Lynnderella Springtime for Selfie
Lynnderella The Inner Mer
Enchanted Polish

Enchanted Polish Tenderheart
Enchanted Polish Daydream Surprise
Enchanted Polish Tummy Time
Enchanted Polish To Die For

Shleee Polish

Shleee Polish Happiest Place on Earth 3.0
Shleee Polish Pearl of the Stars
Shleee Polish Happiest Place on Earth 2.0
Shleee Polish The Middle
Shleee Polish Crystal Skull
Shleee Polish Candy People
Shleee Polish Parapasites

Shleee Polish Elsa

Chaos & Crocodiles

Chaos & Crocodiles Butterfly Shenanigans
Chaos & Crocodiles Harmonious (Clear)
Chaos & Crocodiles Harmonious (Sheer)
Chaos & Crocodiles Paint the Sky

Chaos & Crocodiles Candy and Unicorns for the Princess

Takko Lacquer Wynwood Walls
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Hypothermia
Takko Lacquer XOXO
Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

Utopia's Polish Piñata
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Idealistic Future
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Get Too Close to the Flame
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren Sweetheart

Chaos & Crocodiles - Copper Cabin Creek

Cirque - Coronation


  1. What a wonderful post! I love macros and all these shots are stunning :)